Education & Training

One of major efforts that need to be undertaken is providing South African youth with relevant and practical knowledge and skills through intensive quality training courses that international community can offer.

Through its European office and extensive network of partners in Eastern & Central Europe, we are able to organize student exchange programmes and specialist training courses. This would support South Africa in developing a modern business community and develop skills of its people to become more employable.

Student exchange programmes range from year-long exchanges to a full college program. Next to skills development, a student exchange program is the best way to become proficient at speaking a foreign language. Perfecting a foreign language is a major asset to future studies and career. Exchange students also gain in independence and gain an entirely new perspective on what it means to be a citizen of the world.

Specialist courses are industry specific and aimed to develop existing skills into a professional level.

International community offers some of the best-available education in many various fields, and we are able to offer a specific programme upon request.

Some of the immediate examples of specialist courses are:


Education & Training in Environmental Affairs

Education in engineering

We are able to supply the best-available educational laboratories from Eastern Europe, offering a wide range of engineering courses:

Electrical engineering and basic electronics;

Electronics, circuitry, computer and microprocessors;

Radio engineering and telecommunications;

Power and converting;

Technical and electrical measurements;

Electrical machines;

Electric drive and converting technology;

Electrical devices, wiring;

Automation, automatic equipment and  control systems;

Power supply, electric power industry;




Heat supply and thermodynamics;

Automobile and tractor equipment;

Construction and equipment;

Health and safety;

Heating and heat transfer technology;

Aerodynamics and gas dynamics;

Alternative power sources;

Energy conservation;


Refrigerating and climatic equipment;

Theory of combustion processes;

Industrial processes of food and production enterprises;