Technology & Know-How Transfers

International community offers some of the best-available technologies and knowledge in various industries that are able to contribute to development of South African economic profile. We are fully able to perform extensive research on needs and demands, and based on that information, offer relevant technologies and knowledge from specific regions. Here are some of the […]

Education & Training

One of major efforts that need to be undertaken is providing South African youth with relevant and practical knowledge and skills through intensive quality training courses that international community can offer. Through its European office and extensive network of partners in Eastern & Central Europe, we are able to organize student exchange programmes and specialist training […]

International fact-finding missions

International fact-finding missions are organized for officials and business people with the aim to: Gather industry-specific information; Find reliable international partners and investors; Enhance bilateral relations with international governments and other governmental institutions; Initiate relevant projects in technology and know-how transfers that would contribute to the economy; Investigate the potential to expand to international markets […]

Commodities Trade

We are able to promote African/European raw, half-processed, and final products to new international markets. We offer connection to relevant distributors, retails, support to project management, administration and logistics. We have ongoing trade between continents and we can use our extensive network of contacts to successfully introduce a new product to a new market.