With offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Belgrade, Serbia Minatar (Pty) Ltd provides superior consulting services for its clients in facilitating interational trade. Serving both the domestic and international sectors, Minatar (Pty) Ltd brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services. As experts in International Management and Consulting, Minatar (Pty) Ltd is involved in every aspect of trade, from client selection to implementation and completion, offering continual functional and further support. We introduce our clients to new markets and assist them to develop those markets as efficiently as possible.



Our mission is to establish and advance trade, investment and development opportunities through the provision of globally competitive innovative and strategic management solutions



To be experts in environmental, economic and social development through partnerships that empower communities and make the world a better place.



Operational efficiency


Service Excellence



Key Focus Areas

Through our extensive experience and dynamic strategic partnerships, Minatar engages in developmental, economic, environmental and social activities in the following sectors:

Import & Export

-Partnerships in Eastern Europe and South Africa

-Location of produce and trade relationships

-Research, logistics, representation

-Initial research and marketing package

-Products, services and skills transfer

-Identify counterparts and facilitate One to One meetings

-Facilitate import export requirements

-Promotions and exhibitions

-Performance monitoring



-Road assessment vehicles

-Parking systems




-Traffc signs and scoreboards

-Railways and rail wagons

-Municipal and fire-fighting vehicles





Wholesale and retail





Green Economy and Renewable Energy

-E-recycling systems

-Waste Management systems

-Energy-efficiency products


Trade Facilitation

-Trade Exhibitions

-Facilitating City to City Interactions

-Trade Missions

-Business to Business Trade Facilitation

-City to City Trade Facilitationing Products


Strategic Objectives

Minatar (Pty) Ltd is focused on several key objectives:

To become a leader in trade, investment and development relations between South African and Eastern European markets

Development of sustainable green economy and renewable energy products and services

Exploit opportunities in the economy with the purpose of creating broad based empowerment in all markets and inviting public private partnerships and joint ventures to participate in the process

•Contribute to social and environment awareness and responsibility