DMV Solar Traffic Signs

-Fatal road crashes cost South Africa’s economy 309 Billion Rands each year, equivalent to 10% of GDP

-Road signs play a key role in influencing driver behaviour, orientation and information

-DMV Solar Traffic signs are innovative traffic signs equipped with solar panels, chargers and batteries that provide a continuous 24‐hour operation and so are intended for installation in urban areas and on the roads, in places where mains power is unavailable.

-One sign may display a several symbols and a built‐in microcontroller can manage what is

shown, based on predefined time intervals or the onboard temperature, light or moisture sensor. Adding a DMV radio communication module on the sign enables remote management and control of signs from one command centre.

-DMV Innovation include Vehicle AcPvated Speed Limit (VASL) signs with radar and predefined speed limit pictograms. With signage showing speed limit pictogram and then vehicle speed if measured vehicle speed higher than “triggering”speed.