Energy Conservation

-South Africa is the world’s 12th biggest carbon emitter

-A shim to a green economy will increase economic compettiveness, whilst also addressing the vulnerability of the poor, the economy and environment to climate change.

-A target to generate 20 000 MWh of renewable energy by 2030

-Progress towards achieving this target has so far been sluggish with about 1 percent electricity generated from renewable sources


Going Green is Going Forward

South Africa attempts to reach its target of cutting emissions by 34 percent below the ‘business as usual’ levels by 2020, and by 42 percent by 2025. While many companies are already voluntarily looking at innovative ways of reducing their carbon footprint, South Africa still have a long way to go.

More companies in South Africa are realizing the necessity for transparency on their carbon emissions, and the need to change.

There are also other positive trends among local companies: the level of disclosure on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change practices have improved, while more companies are including climate change issues in their governance activities.


Energy Conservation Objectives

-Establish public partnership towards achieving the National Developmement Plan, Vision 2030 for a transition to a low carbon, eco-friendly economy

-Showcase products measurable contribution to the National Development Plan of contracting 20 000 MW of renewable energy by 2030

-Reinforce product contribution to a green economy and the transition into a low carbon economy