Landscaping Project

-Despite being a water-scarce country, South Africa faces extremely high levels of

water wastage with confirmation of loses at municipalities estimated to be close to 50 percent.

-It found that in many irrigation and domestic schemes across the country, losses of up to 60 percent were recorded. This led to revenue loss of more than R11 billion a year in the municipal sector alone.

-Artificial Grass is an almost natural looking and feeling product that can be substituted for natural grass

-This product is easy to handle, low maintenance and without the day to day hassles of natural grass.

-It has no watering; mowing or fertilizing required and thus reduces the upkeep of grounds.

-It is designed and manufactured to last a varied number of purposes and comes with a warranty for eight years

-Artificial grass systems look and feel just like natural grass, without the constantcostly maintenance. You can expect a perfect backyard, lawn, courtyard or indoor atrium no matter how much use it gets

-From schools and municipalities to homeowners, a growing number of people are turning to synthetic turf for sustainable landscape and play solutions

-Thousands of homes, businesses, golf courses, and public spaces have turned to artificial grass to provide a lush, attractive landscape solution that requires minimal resources