Virtual gerontology center

It is certain that the development of software tools and hardware lead to digital revolution in the field of health, and consequently in the field of social care. A recent study found that the introduction of applications in the field of medical informatics can reduce administration costs by a quarter.


Project represents a program for automatic control of delivery social care process in the specialized institutions. The system deals with automating the process through detailed information processing about all elements of the provided services at the level of each resident and staff member individually.

In addition to internal management process, the software has a web service module in order to help everyone who need an advice, as well as direct communication with the department of social work, which practically opens the counter for public help to all who need it in this area.

Some of characteristics of oursystem are:

- Quick access to all relevant data related to residents and staff members

-Managing the process of providing services through the daily work orders

-Current error detection and failure to follow the rules

- The speed and ease of data manipulation

-Reporting at various levels and forms

-Monitoring the quality of work on group base and the individual case

-Material consumption monitoring


The system has a special education function, which automatically checks, maintenances  technical information and upgrades staff skills through various automated pop-up, help and questionnaire services used by staff when working with tablet devices.