Sports Mini Pitch

-Mini Pitch is the artificial grass field with fence, and they can be used for several different sports ‐ football, soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball, rugby, tennis, cricket and many others

-Local mini‐pitches can motivate everyone to participate in sports with a particular focus on youth

-The implementation of this project requires the active participation of the local communities that support the project, and take an active part in solving the problems of children and young people in the local community, to contribute to the improvement of conditions for sports and recreation, and to improve opportunities for active leisure time

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Benefits of Artificial Turf Mini Pitches

-Sports Facilities accessible throughout the year

-Recycled Content and Reusability

-Reduced water use by 70...

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Skills Development and Job Creation

Medium Term Vision is the manufacturing of products in South Africa

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Water Conservation

Water 21st century challenges

Water Conservation,Water Shortage Risks

-South Africa receives anannual rain fall of 492 millimetres where as the rest of the earth receives 985 millimetres.

-This is nearly half the earth’saverage.Thus South Africa is classified as a water-stressed country.

-According to the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs, the demand for water will outstrip supply in Gauteng by 2013, and in the whole of South Africa by 2025.

Water Conservation,Water Shortage Risks

South Africa is a semi-arid country.

-It is predicted that in future increasing demands will bemade on our dwindling waterresources.

-It is therefore imperative that all water use sectors use water optimally and efficiently to ensure that the needs of both the environment and people are satisfie...

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Landscaping Project

-Despite being a water-scarce country, South Africa faces extremely high levels of

water wastage with confirmation of loses at municipalities estimated to be close to 50 percent.

-It found that in many irrigation and domestic schemes across the country, losses of up to 60 percent were recorded. This led to revenue loss of more than R11 billion a year in the municipal sector alone.

-Artificial Grass is an almost natural looking and feeling product that can be substituted for natural grass

-This product is easy to handle, low maintenance and without the day to day hassles of natural grass.

-It has no watering; mowing or fertilizing required and thus reduces the upkeep of grounds.

-It is designed and manufactured to last a varied number of purposes and comes with a warranty for eight years


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Community development

Sports Mini Pitch




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Virtual gerontology center

It is certain that the development of software tools and hardware lead to digital revolution in the field of health, and consequently in the field of social care. A recent study found that the introduction of applications in the field of medical informatics can reduce administration costs by a quarter.

Project represents a program for automatic control of delivery social care process in the specialized institutions. The system deals with automating the process through detailed information processing about all elements of the provided services at the level of each resident and staff member individually.

In addition to internal management process, the software has a web service module in order to help everyone who need an advice, as well as direct communication with the department of socia...

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Socially Engaged Projects

For the reasons of frequent addressing to specific social groups, in order to overall engagement obtain the human form and meaning, there is a need for the development of socially engaged projects. Creation of socially responsible projects is important area of activity.

Under the socially responsible projects, among other things, we understand engaging in the fields of culture, arts, education, humanitarian and social work. In all projects, to a greater or lesser extent, sense of social responsibility is present.


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Kinect Shop Window

Kinect technology allows users controlling and interactivity of the content on the screen without having to press buttons, use the joystick or other controller, using only body movements through simple, natural and intuitive user interface. When it is used in the form of an interactive window (whose content is managed by passers) opens a whole new dimension in the two-way communication with customers.

These windows can be connected to the central unit for the remote control, which means content refreshing and management of the broadcast time, which is extremely important for remote display synchronization and possibly renting of media space.

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New Media and New Media Marketing

New Media is a very powerful tool for achieving effective brand promotion at events or through outdoor advertising.  It may also serve for raising different events at the visually higher and more attractive level. However, New Media is best used as a cultural – educational mechanism for the promotion of science and art, exactly where we need to seek the right application for.

New Media covers all forms of communications, from  digital media to digital art and everything that can be creatively used in a marketing campaign is called New Media Marketing and more broadly -the electronic or digital marketing.

ICT represents significant support to New Media Marketing...

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Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS represents the system for the collection, processing, analysis and display of spatial and other data related to urban planning and landscaping, building land, infrastructure, environment and other aspects of living and working that were previously stored in the analogue method – paper and digital form. GIS allows data to be recorded, stored, analyzed and placed in the desired display format, so that the maps that were used for viewing become the maps that talk.

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