Top investment sectors – Electronics

-One of sectors of strategic importance for Serbia,

-A sector with long tradition but only recently re-developed by entry of brands as Siemens, Eaton, Panasonic and Gorenje,

-State is investing in development of innovation technical parks,

-Strong university centers in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad.

Largest Investors in Electronics Industry:


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Top Investment sectors – Automotive

-More then 1.4 billion euros of FDI

-In two years automotive products will become Serbia’s top export item,

-More than 70 years of tradition,

-Experienced, educated and inexpensive labor,

-Available labor,

-Well developed infrastructure.

Largest Investors in Automotive Industry:


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Top investment sectors – Food

-Second largest FDI sector in Serbia (after Financial),

-More than 2.6 billion of euros of FDI,

-Excellent agricultural land – also opportunity for investments in primary production,

-Over one third of world’s raspberries are grown in Serbia,

-Excellent position to cover SEE market,

-Excellent conditions to serve Russian market.

Largest Investors in Food Industry:


Food industry in Serbia

Trade unlimited

kukuruzBy the means of the set of free trade agreements Serbia serves as a platform for duty-free export of foodstuff to a market of roughly 1 billion people...

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Top investments today with focus on food industry

Top Investment sectors – Automotive

Top investment sectors – Food

Top investment sectors – Electronics





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Tehnical know how

Tehnical education centres in Serbia

tehnical education

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Tax sistem


tax sistem grafikon

tax sistem tabela


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Serbian industry today

top export

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Serbian economy and politics

-The Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with EU signed in April 2008;

-SAA ratified by EU parliament in January 2011;

-EU candidate status in March 2012;

-Trade interim agreement with EU since 2009;

-Visa liberalization for Serbian citizens since December 2009;

-Free Trade Agreement with Russian Federation;

-Law on Foreign Investments adopted in 2002 – equalizing all rights of domestic and foreign investors


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Serbia trade

Serbia cost table

Serbia trade

serbia trade

Owing to the free trade agreements with these countries, Serbia is an ideal place for setting

up a manufacturing/distribution hub to serve the markets of the Russian Federation,

South East Europe, the EU and EFTA countries, the US, Belarus, and Turkey.


Duty-free export regime applies to approximately 4,650 products, including most finished and semi-finished goods and selected agricultural and primary industrial products. The list of eligible goods is reviewed and adjusted twice per year with input from U.S. industries.

Russian Federation

The agreement stipulates that goods produced in Serbia, i.e. which have at least 51% value added in the country, are considered of Serbian origin and exported to Russia customs free...

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About Serbia

Official Name: Republic of Serbia

-          Area: 88,361 km2

-          Population: 9.5 million

-          Official Language: Serbian

-           State Form: Democratic Republic

-          Capital: Belgrade (1.6 million)

-          Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)


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